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Hot Water Heating

Choosing a Hot Water Heating System that's right for you

Citi Heat & Cool can help you sort your home or office hot water heating with systems that are tailored to your situation and budget. Our environmentally friendly solutions are the best on the market today, including Thermodynamic Solar Hot Water Heating from The Alternative Energy Company Ltd and Hot Water Heating solutions using Heat Pump transfer technology from Hot Water Heat Pumps.

So, let’s look at the types of hot water heating solutions available in the Nelson Tasman region.

Thermodynamic Solar Hot Water Heating

The Alternative Energy Co Ltd thermodynamic solar hot water system provides all your hot water for the same cost as running a small fridge, other benefits include:

  • It’s the most energy efficient way to heat your hot water and very eco friendly.
  • Can be used in homes or commercial buildings.
  • A system which is totally fit and forget and requires no maintenance.
  • A system that can save you up to 85% of your water heating cost.
  • Old traditional solar water heating systems only work during the day when the sun is out  –  this thermodynamic solar system works at night! Yes, 24 hours a day, all year, saving you money!
  • A system which uses free heat from the atmosphere and helps to reduce the use of fossil fuels, contribution to saving the planet for our children and future generations.

Solar that works at night! How it works…

The sun does not always shine. Winter days have an average of seven hours of light and only a few hours of sun. This lack of sunlight limits the effectiveness of traditional solar panels. ‘Energie’ thermodynamic solar panels overcome this constraint. The ‘Energie’ system heats all the water for your family or commercial business with great efficiency and major energy savings – even on rainy days and at night!

It is a solar system, so how does it work at night?

It works on the thermodynamic principles, namely evaporation, condensation and compression – all these processes generate heat. All you need is one lightweight aluminium solar panel measuring 2000 x 800mm (weighing just 8kg) and our hot water cylinder with in-built compressor and heat exchanger.

The ‘Energie’ thermodynamic solar system will provide all your hot water.

The system works by using a refrigerant in the panel instead of water. The refrigerant liquid is at approx. -28 degrees Celsius. The air around the panel warms the liquid and it evaporates to form a hot gas. A small compressor attached to the cylinder compresses the gas, giving off even more heat. The very hot gas then travels around a spiral heat exchanger in the cylinder and gives up its heat to the water in the cylinder which surrounds the heat exchanger. As the gas cools it condensates (giving off more heat) and returns to a liquid, goes back to the panel and the process is repeated.

It is a very simple system with few moving parts, as it works by differential temperature – the difference between the temperature of the air around the panel and the very cold liquid in the panel. Unless the outside temperature drops below -10 degrees Celsius the ‘Energie’ solar hot water system works all the time, even at night.

Hot Water Heat Pumps

Hot Water Heat Pumps vs other forms of heating

When it comes to comparing Hot Water Heating solutions, there are significant advantages in using Heat Pump transfer technology. Heat Pumps have been endorsed as one of the most effective forms of heating by Government agencies and consumer advocacy groups alike.

Here are some of the reasons why Hot Water Heat Pumps are ideal for swimming pool heating, underfloor heating and domestic hot water systems:

Energy Efficient

A Heat Pump is like a fridge working in reverse, using free heat extracted from the ambient air and then efficiently transferring it to the water. Because the electrical input does not generate heat but just moves the free heat to the water, they are incredibly energy efficient compared to other forms of heating. That’s why Government agency EECA (Energy Efficiency Conservation Authority) has listed Heat Pumps as one of the most energy efficient forms of heating in New Zealand. Our Hot Water Heat Pumps have an average efficiency of 500% – now that’s efficient!

Environmentally Friendly

Because Heat Pumps are using renewable energy (air), they are safer and cleaner to run than fossil fuel burners and can lower C02 emissions by up to 70% (compared to gas and diesel burners). With a long product life expectancy and today’s use of certified Ozone Safe refrigerants, Heat Pumps are the natural choice for making our planet a cleaner, greener environment for future generations.

Lowest Running Costs

Due to their high energy efficiency, Hot Water Heat Pumps have an extremely low cost of operation and are ideal for applications such as swimming pool heating, underfloor heating and domestic hot water systems. Typically, for every 2kW of electric input you receive 10kW worth of heat. While the initial investment in a Heat Pump may be larger than some alternative heating solutions, the long term savings on energy use are far greater. The table below illustrates the cost savings that can be made in comparison to other heat sources.

Consistent Performance from -10C to +45C

Hot Water Heat Pumps have been specifically designed for New Zealand conditions and continue to perform efficiently in temperatures ranging from -10C to +45C. When the ambient temperature falls below 6C, Performance Plus Heat Pumps automatically initiate a de-ice cycle when required, removing any ice from the evaporator coils. This means you’ll continue to enjoy Hot Water all year round no matter where you are or what the weather’s doing outside.

Safeties and Controls

All Performance Plus Hot Water Heat Pumps are fitted with protection systems to prevent damage in the event of a malfunction. In the case of swimming pool Heat Pumps, the purpose-built flow switches ensure the Heat Pump cannot operate without water flow. If a problem is identified, the unit will automatically shut down before any damage can occur.

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